From The Edge Of Everything Or Somewhere In Between

by Clay Bed Submersible

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Many thanks to:
Best Friend
My other Best Friend
My other, other best friend
Porter St.
Portland Acquaintances

You all inspire me.


released April 6, 2016

Keegan Leonberg (all instruments)



all rights reserved


Clay Bed Submersible Portland, Oregon

My name is Keegan. Thank you for listening.

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Track Name: From The Edge Of Everything Or Somewhere In Between
Head caught on fire
And I'm spiraling down again
In the theory of everything
As I stumble through blips and screens

You in the epic of a tidal wave
Can you feel the way it breaks you down
Into fragments of the lost and found
But its nothing you can talk about

I am a playground full of holidays
I'm a watered down fucking joke
And I love myself because you don't
Track Name: Schizoaffective
Track Name: Self Inflicted
If I am always waking
Then I am never awake
I think only of the state I could be in

And the old fashioned movies
The only art to move me
Today climbs and then it turns in to yesterday

The time it took to fake it
I could have spent it alone
To be outcasted
To be outcasted

If the pain is self inflicted
Then I'll grow up human
We'll learn fast
If we learn fast
Track Name: Recycle & Repetition
If we expire all at once
Take me away first today
To be lost in a place as empty as myself
The way that I go is quicker than you'd think

A hum in the air makes the little man explode
You spin out of time to keep yourself on track
The curve in the arches representing you
The length that you climb eventually collapses
Track Name: Obscurity
You all
Make me
Look so

I can't
See it
If its not
Broken in to pieces

Bound by
Locked shut

Remind me
Why I
Keep on
Keeping on with you
If there's no meaning
Track Name: Body Bleeds
Wake up call
Heat draining in
Body bleeds
But you don’t feel a thing

Creaking room
Buy us some time
Leave so soon
And come back feeling empty
Track Name: Bobo, My Friend
Weighted by a blanket of stone
I was afraid of what I'd become
Losing my colors and calling you names

Stretching on the corner of Failing
You speak with your eyes and correct what I say
And the language of Autumn remind us of where we came

The more I understand
The less I will repeat it over again

I'm mute in the mouth but I think
My speakeasy slurs will define what I bring
I'll talk like I do when I talk to myself

The more I understand
The less I will repeat it over again