Sunk Cost Effect

by Clay Bed Submersible

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released January 5, 2017

"Paper Weight" contains a free field recording by Luftrum on

All other tracks written and composed by Keegan Leonberg



all rights reserved


Clay Bed Submersible Portland, Oregon

My name is Keegan. Thank you for listening.

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Track Name: Talk To Me
I can’t remember where your stain set….
Highway walking
A sign says its better where you are now
Fuck that

In the wind, where you the one who
whispered something?
Or am I becoming very

My blank stares becoming more distracting
when we’re talking
One day I’ll figure out a coping

Until then, were you the one who
Whispered something?
Or am I becoming very
Track Name: Paper Weight
Bloody mouth
Toothless and grinning
He smiles at the audience
And spits the remainder

A structure of leather chairs
Made up of leather men
Increasing the value
Increasing the damage

We brought the paper weights
To rest on our crippled limbs
To sleep without taking off
Though the flight was a pretty thing

I'm not okay with this
I'm not okay with this
Track Name: Eighteen
The house played a tune
And I hummed along
I can’t enjoy the place
But I love the song

I can hear you
I can feel you

The wood coats the keys
That I walked along
It doesn't match the chord
But I love the song

I can hear you
I can feel you
Track Name: The Machines
Got it down one more time
The metal machines are wrong
What if we won’t exist
What if we go away

Someone talked; Ignore it and go
Your money is all for show
What if it won’t exist
What if it goes away
Track Name: Infected
Come on in
And spread your disease
I feel the effect
Becoming infected

Blooms like spring
Or something alike
Wrap me up tight
Treat me all wrong

As I sleep
You get up to go
I won't try to stop you
You don't pay attention

The phone will ring
Of course I'll pick up
You'll ask to come over
And I'll justify
Track Name: Sunken Cost
Track Name: Monday Mourning
A good Monday mourning
Bad habits
In my sleepy room
I sleep it off

More pain encountered
More people lost
Im not one to blame
But I know the cost

One lonely figure
Two days have gone
And today I’m thinking
You weren’t the one

If you’re sick and tired
And she’s gone for good
I won’t be honest
I never could